The City of Brotherly Love has no shortage of dining options, with cheesesteak and other Philly classics dotting the restaurant landscape. But sometimes, your stomach is grumbling for a different kind of steak, and that's rodizio style serving. Rodizio is a Brazilian style of cooking in which top tier meats are skewered and cooked to perfection with spices and seasonings such as BBQ sauce, parmesan, cilantro and pesto. At Chima Steakhouse, we're changing the landscape of steak restaurants in Philadelphia. With our numerous offerings, high class atmosphere and five-star service, you'll relish the best experience when it comes to enjoying steak restaurants in Philadelphia.

At Chima Steakhouse, we get it. Philadelphians love their steak, whether it's thinly sliced and covered in cheese whiz or it's cooked to perfection and served in a luxurious atmosphere. That's why our rodizio experts pay special attention to the seasoning, perpetration and the serving of our steaks and meats.

Our world renowned picanha, aka top sirloin, is cut to maximize every drop of flavor. This prime cut is prepared in the classic gaucho method, with delicate roasting until it's prepared to perfection. We also offer up baby top sirloin, with garlic sauce to your liking. For classic steak tastes, you can also choose our filet mignon, which is slow roasted until it reaches absolute perfection. Accompanied with our BBQ ribs, pork loin, lamb chops, chicken breast and bacon wrapped delicacies, you'll understand why we're one of the best steak restaurants in Philadelphia. And with our buffet serving styles, attentive wait staff and tableside serving, you'll never want to leave!

While our grilled and smoked meats are the cornerstone of the dining experiences we offer at Chima Steakhouse, we do pay equal attention to other components of your meal. Our salad bar, for example, is a flavorful experience within itself. Endives salad, gorgonzola mousse, arugula salad and beef carpaccio are just a few of the dishes you can find at our salad bar.

There are few steak restaurants in Philadelphia that offer desserts quite like the delicacies we serve at Chima Steakhouse. Our desserts are the sweetest part of your visit, after all! We have many signature items, such as chocolate coconut lava cake, classic Brazilian flan, tiramisu, passion fruit mousse and even traditional cheesecake and Key Lime pie.

At Chima Steakhouse, we're offering a truly five-star experience that helps our steakhouse stand apart from the other steak restaurants in Philadelphia. Whether you're searching for the finest steaks, grilled meats, salads, drinks or desserts, you'll find the perfect dishes when you pay us a visit at Chima Steakhouse.