Charlotte can be a wonderful place to live, with no shortage of great dining. But when you're celebrating a special event or when you're ready to treat yourself to a memorable experience, it's time to explore the various fancy restaurants in Charlotte. When you're looking for a fine dining experience that's like no other, we hope you'll discover the quality dining we're offering at Chima razilian Steakhouse. Our chefs, waiters, bartenders and concierge specialists are proud to continue the Chima Steakhouse tradition of sharing a one-of-a-kind dining experience with each guest that comes through our doors.

When many people think of fancy restaurants, they think about how a restaurant looks and feels. At Chima Steakhouse, we've paid special attention to create a dining space that conveys a truly elegant experience. The moment you step into our restaurant, you'll be enveloped in our eclectic yet modern designs. Whether you're experiencing our downstairs bar, upstairs dining areas or our main dining room, you'll enjoy the utmost comfort.

Of course, restaurant design alone cannot create a truly elegant dining experience. Our entire team at Chima Steakhouse is dedicated to ensuring you have the best dining experience at our restaurant. We'll work to see that your drinks are always refreshed, your sides never run low and of course, we'll pay special attention to the steaks and skewered meats we bring tableside.

The rodizio style serving we offer at Chima Steakhouse is one of our most popular features. We can bring many freshly grilled meats straight to your table, slicing it to your liking and serving it right away. Some of our most popular meats include:

We also serve up fresh seafood such as salmon and succulent swordfish to accompany your meal. You can complete your fine dining meal with selections from our salad bar such as our beef carpaccio, calamari salad and arugula salad. All of our sides, salads, skewered meats and soups are all you can eat, meaning you can sample as much as you'd like during your visit.

When you're searching through fancy restaurants in Charlotte, we hope you'll stop in to see the incredible dining experience we offer at Chima Steakhouse. From the steak to your desserts, drinks and side dishes, we put the utmost attention and dedication into every bite and sip you enjoy.